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                                          Steel Kingpin / Nose Frame



 The Strongest Nose Frame in the industry. Built to withstand the rigours of rough roads, miles of use and rigid suspension vehicles.

We encourage you to check out our competitor's trailers whether they be Steel or Aluminium and decide for yourself who has the strongest nose frame. This is an integral part of any gooseneck as a large portion of the stress and rigours of the road are felt here by your trailer.

Exiss have spent many years developing a sturdy nose and with 3x full time engineers you can rest easy knowing they are designed and built in the very best possible manner giving you years of hassle free use. In fact we have sold many trailers to customers in Australia who tow with Rigid Suspension vehicles over rugged roads with no issues. We have NEVER had a Nose frame / Kingpin issue.

                         WHY CHOOSE AN "EXISS" TRAILER?

Since 1994, Exiss Aluminum Trailers, Inc. has revolutionized the industry by producing top-quality aluminum trailers. Exiss builds a full line of gooseneck and bumper pull aluminum trailers for horses, livestock and automobile transportation, as well as specialty applications.  Many features considered optional extras on other brands are standard on Exiss Trailers giving you more "bang for your buck", greater re-sale value and most importantly superior safety for both you and your horse.
Exiss also offer a fully transferrable 8yr structural Warranty and Limited Parts Warranty for peace of mind. In fact "Exiss" are one of the few trailer manufacturers to have enough faith in the structural integrity of their product as to offer such an extended warranty!!! Very few trailer manufacturer's the world over can offer this kind of after sales support. For full warranty details CLICK HERE to download. All warranties offered by Exiss are also fully transferrable which definitely helps towards re-sale value should you wish to sell your trailer.
The number one comment I hear customers or prospective puchaser's say is how impressive the Exiss Floor system. No where will you find a structurally stronger floor!  The photo below is of an "Exiss" Floor system being constructed in their factory at El Reno, OK, USA. Note; the Extruded aluminium 4in I-Beams running crossways every 13in or 16in depending on the model (every 10in on STC & STK models) with the interlocking extruded aluminium floor running lengthways. The axles are then bolted onto steel sub-frame which is fastened to the floor system giving superior strength. ALL contact points where the I-Beams meet the aluminium floor are welded. The majority of trailer manufacturer's both here in Australia and in the US weld at only every second or third contact point. EVERY Exiss trailer is welded at EVERY contact point giving you the highest degree of structural integrity possible! Because our floors are ridged for extra strength and air flow we do not suffer the "sagging" that many of our competitors do who use a flat Aluminium floor system. Our floor is built using the most basic of engineering principles - Our main structure (I-Beams) runs crossways whilst our actual floor that the horses stand one runs lengthways (Extruded, interlocking aluminium). Other US manufactuer's use I-Beams that run side to side as well a floor system that runs side to side giving no structural integrity.

                  POINTS TO CONSIDER PRIOR TO PURCHASING A HORSE TRAILER:                                                                                                                                               
  1. ALUMINIUM EXPERIENCE - Exiss has been manufacturing trailers for over 16 years. The founder of Exiss is a man named Roy Culp, he was the pioneer of all aluminum construction. It is widely accepted / known that he designed and constructed the best built trailers in both North America and Worldwide. 
  2.  ENGINEERED - Exiss is the best built trailer in the industry compared with all others – structurally, we have 3X  4 year degree engineers who design and help build our trailers.  Many other trailer companies have NONE. Please ask this question when choosing your next trailer purchase. Correct welding and materials lead to a straonger trailer but if trailers (as in houses) are not braced & supported in all the right places then the strongest welds will not hold it together over time. Our trailers are welded and braced in the CORRECT areas for maximum strength.
  3. BUCK RIVETS - Exiss utilize buck rivets which is a mechanical permanent fastener to adhere the sheet aluminium to the side posts of the trailer. Some other manufacturer's use solely double sided adhesive tape giving the illusion of a sleek wall but with with very little structural or permanent strength. We use a C Channel so that we can utilize a permanent buck rivet fastener.  Ours is 1 5/8 x 3 inches, more aluminium than the small 1x2 inch side posts that other manufacturer's use. This provides a much stronger longer lasting wall system. Compression rivets/ Buck Rivets fill the entire hole and do not come loose. Pop rivets and drive rivets tend to leak and loosen with time. We do NOT use these in areas of stress.  Be sure your next trailer has buck rivets. It is also worth mentioning that Buck rivets are used in the Aircraft industry and Semi-trailer industry as they provide superior strength. Many USA model trailers utilise regular rivets but very few companies use a Buck rivet as they are labor intensive and more costly to use. Exiss use Buck rivets for the longest lasting, sturdiest trailer around.
  4. ROOF - Exiss also use a One piece All Aluminium roof. This adds structural strength to the trailer and helps to eliminate any leakage. Some other Manufacturer's in the Industry use a plastic FRP roof however they were not the first to do so.  Both Sooner and Featherlite used this roof over 15 years ago and decided it was not a viable roof.  The one redeeming quality it has is that it provides insulation, but since its plastic, it is less costly which is the reason they use it.  Most importantly though, it does not add any structure to the trailer & is also difficult to repair & subject to de-lamination, especially after time out in the sun & weather. (Picture a box with a plastic roof and walls put on with adhesive tape hauling your horses !!!). The one piece All Aluminium roof that Exiss use adds strength to your trailer, resists leakage as it has no joins, is easily repairable should you receive any damage to it and ties to the upright posts adding additional strength, durability & bracing.
  5. FLOOR - Most importantly, we have the very best floor system in the industry - it is unsurpassed by all competitors.  We utilize 2x4 inch I beams, welded into a C channel, which is then huck - bolted to the bottom rail.  Our floor is welded at every point of contact.  Please get underneath any other competitor's trailer whether Steel or Aluminium and then look at our foundation. Decide for yourself, which is the best built trailer in the industry!  Our quality is unsurpassed and the structure, we believe,  is the best in the industry!
  6. ALL ALUMINIUM CONSTRUCTION - The interior wall and floor frame on every Exiss/Sooner is all aluminum . Many trailers manufacturers use a heavy steel inner wall and floor frame that is covered with an exterior aluminum floor or wall sheet providing a rust and deterioration point inside of your new trailer. Be sure and do the “magnet test”on the floor and side-wall section when shopping for your next trailer. Some manufacturers attempt to side step the rust issue on the steel frames they use by powder coating them, and then they breech the coating by drilling / riveting  holes in the steel, allowing for the rust process to begin.
  7. WALLS - ALL EXISS/SOONER trailers feature a full 1 5/8” thick extruded aluminum side post, The EXISS/SOONER wall structure is one of the most structurally sound in the industry. Be sure and check the thickness of the wall extrusion on your next trailer.
  8. BEST DESIGNED KINGPIN ASSEMBLY -With safety in mind, our coupler tube uses a pass-through design that allows for two-point welding; creating a much safer design than the butt-welded design used by many other manufactures. We have a full-frame modular nose design which extends into the drop area, which is designed to absorb impacts to help your precious cargo safe. Other aluminum trailer manufacturers do not use a full-frame nose construction in order to save money, but at the expense of safety.
  9. COUPLER - All Australian EXISS gooseneck trailers come standard with an ADR approved 3in coupling rated to either 4500kg, 10,000kg or 12,000kg. We offer 2x types of ADR approved 3in ball couplings.
  10. LIVING QUARTERS INTERIOR - EXISS/SOONER Living Quarter interiors are manufactured by people with over 41 years experience in producing premium, top-quality interiors in the RV industry. These T.R Arnold approved interiors are some of the best you will find. A complete state-of–the-art manufacturing facility has been designed to allow each EXISS/SOONER Living Quarters interior to be manufactured with quality and attention to detail that is required when producing a product that is a step above other manufacturers. In fact Sierra Conversions do LQ fitouts for many other trailers including Elite, CM, 4 Star, Merhow and Cimmaron brands. Exiss / Sooner are their number one customer with approx. 70% of all Sierra fitouts going into EXISS units.
  11. WIRING AND ELECTRICAL -All Exiss Aluminum Trailers feature sealed beam exterior lighting that provides a lighting system requiring less maintenance than the traditional “light bulb” type exposed for occasional maintenance and inspection that is required from time to time. All electrical wiring that passes through the aluminum is protected with rubber grommets to “minimize” wear and potential electrical shorts. All electrical connections on Exiss Model trailers feature a “plug in” type pre-fabricated, wiring harness much like the wiring harness found on your automobile. This type of harness system is more expensive, but provides for a wiring system with the quality and longevity found in the automobile industry; make sure your trailer doesn’t have clip or pinch type connectors.
  12. INSULATION - All Exiss horse and livestock trailers with inside lining are insulated with 1 5/8” insulation. Even our doors are insulated. Insulation not only moderates the temperature, but also allows for a quieter and calming horse area. Be sure your new aluminum horse trailer comes standard with wall insulation.
  13. FASTENERS - Exiss trailers are manufactured with huck bolt type fasteners used in the semi-trailer industry. These fasteners are xylan coated and will not rust, turn black or bleed onto your new aluminum trailer. Be sure your next trailer is built with xylan-huck type fasteners installed in the sub-frame and kingpin areas.
  14. WARRANTY - Exiss trailers have some of the longest warranties in the business. We stand behind our Sooner and Exiss Event horse and livestock trailers with a 8-year warranty on the frame, which includes top rail, bottom rail, cross member, I-beam, and main drop gussets. All other manufactured parts (excluding wear and tear items) comes with a 3 year limited parts warranty.
  15. FRONT CORNER CAPS  - (Top corners at the front of the trailer) Exiss has produced horse and livestock trailers with the cleanest, smoothest corner caps in the industry. Compare the EXISS/SOONER corner caps to the competition. Some of their caps are either welded around the entire perimeter, pop riveted on, or look “added on”. Some use unsightly cast type caps. Many manufacturers even caulk the entire cap, leaving a visible caulking seam.
  16. WINDOWS - Exiss trailers are manufactured with some of the best windows available. Our windows have a tempered safety glass. Our window frames are wider, allowing more seal area. Exiss also uses a closed cell tape on all doors and windows, which eliminates the need for caulking that is used by most trailer manufactures to seal doors and windows.
    We have spent many years designing the Exiss trailers so that your new trailer is unsurpassed in looks, as well as structural integrity. Many welds in high stress areas have been eliminated and replaced with high-tech fasteners, identical to the ones used in the semi-trailer industry. Not only does this add to the structural integrity of the Exiss trailer, it also eliminates many of the exterior exposed welds on your new trailer.
  18. REAR DOOR CONSTRUCTION - Exiss trailers feature a rear door section that is a full 1 5/8” thick. The rear doors on EXISS/SOONER trailers are some of the best built, best designed rear doors in the industry. The rear door section is one of the most important structural areas on any trailer, so be sure to check out the rear door construction as you are looking for your next trailer. Also, many of our rear doors have four wrap around hinges on each door that allows the door to open completely to the fender out of the way.
  19. RUBBER FLOOR MATS -All Exiss horse trailers feature lifetime rubber floor mats. Our floor mats are more expensive and come with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship. Other rubber mats are manufactured with compressed/heat treated pieces of rubber that gradually fall apart with continued use. Be sure your next trailer has a rubber floor mat that will last.
  20. REAR DOOR AND ESCAPE DOOR TRIM SEAL - All Exiss model horse trailers feature escape doors and rear doors without any exposed rubber/chrome door seal. The new “inside” door seal is covered with a durable aluminum extrusion that eliminates the exposed type door seal from fading, cracking and becoming loose with the potential of coming completely off. Be sure you next trailer has a door seal that is not exposed to the elements.
  21. INTEGRITY AND RELIABILITY - As we mentioned before, the people here at Exiss started designing, building and marketing aluminum trailers over 34 years ago. Over the years, we have gained a vast amount of knowledge from you, our customer, in what it takes to build a world class trailer that will give you years of trouble free service, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.
  22. INTERIOR WALL LINING - All interior walls in the horse area on all Exiss models are lined floor to roof; all horse trailers are lined with .100 thickness aluminum side sheets on the bottom 4 feet of the horse area for safety and longevity. Some other trailer manufacturers line their horse area too, but remember to ask about thickness and make sure its aluminum!
  23. RUBBER MAT- The wall rubber on all Exiss trailers is fastened on with glue fasteners, allowing for a smooth wall with no “bubbles” or ribs. Your horse will love our smooth, ribless wall-rubber.
  24. EXTERIOR WELDING - Exiss trailers have all exterior welds are tig welded, which allows for a smoother, cleaner weld. Most other trailer manufactures mig wells their exterior seams because it is cheaper and quicker. Compare the exterior welds on other aluminum trailers.
  25. SMOOTH/FLUSH WALL DIVIDER LATCH - Divider latches found on all Exiss products are by far the best in the industry. Our patented Exiss divider latch is flush mounted in a sidewall providing for a clean, smooth wall surface when the dividers are in the open position. Substantially reduce the chance of injury to your horse. Each divider features a spring loaded hinge point allowing your dividers to remain open when loading you trailer, which eliminates (see comments above) the chance of injury during loading and unloading that is possible when the dividers are swinging in a half open, half closed position. Be sure and look at the latch system when shopping for your next aluminum trailer.

  In summary, Exiss have the best built “box” and the most structurally sound trailer in the industry and we back it up with a 3yr Limited Parts and a 8yr Structural Warranty as we believe in our products!  In fact we have one of the largest populations of trailers on North American Roads (Over 60,000 trailers) today so we must doing something right. We consistently strive to offer not only a great product but great service and we will work hard to earn your business!


                                     Dexter Torsion Suspension

CLICK HERE to be re-directed to the Dexter website.

CLICK HERE to download a flyer on the Standard Dexter Torflex Suspension system used on Exiss / Sooner Trailers

CLICK HERE to download a flyer on the NEW Hybrid Air Ride / Torsion suspensions system upgrade now available

     Customizing Skin Colours and Graphics Packages

Any Exiss Trailer ordered is able to be have customised skin colours and graphics added. Please email or call for exact pricing. Below we have pictured the just a few of available options for Custom Australian Trailers. All skin colours on Exiss Trailers (including the standard white / silver skin) is baked-on enamel on Aluminium. It is extremely resistant to flaking, chipping, fading or staining. These trailers can be left out in the elements without sustaining any of the above as a typical painted steel trailer would. No matter what colour or graphics option you choose from the "loud" to the standard white/aluminium  mill finish you can rest easy knowing your trailer will resist all of the typical problems associated with paint & steel.

PLEASE NOTE  -  ALL Exiss trailers purchased through us (The only Authorised Australian Distributor of Exiss trailers within Australia) are custom built to comply with all Australian Standards. We have all Exiss Trailers destined for the Australian marketplace customised for width, lighting and weight so you can rest assured that everything will be fully compliant with Australian design rulings. Our trailers are built on axles that allow the maximum possible width here in Australia whilst still being compliant and falling under the max. Australian Standard width of 2.5mtrs. We also have the required amount of LED lights that are compliant with Australian Safety Requirements on our Australian Exiss Trailer Models. All trailers sold by us have Current QLD registration, A Valid Safety Certificate (RWC), Compliance Plate and any Mod. Plates that may be needed within Australia. We will provide any necessary paperwork to enable a smooth transfer into your homestate registration whether it be QLD or anywhere in Australia!!