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                                             Trailers Models and Types

  •  MODELS - E.g 6404, 7309, 8308, 6206 etc.

The first digit stands for the width of the trailer. Exiss make trailers in a 6'8 wide, 7ft wide and an 8ft wide. The first digit stands for the width of trailer E.g. A 6404 model is 6'8ft and an 8308 model is 8ft wide.

The second digit stands for the number of horses the trailer caters for E.g 6404 is a 4 Horse and a 7309 is a 3 horse.

The last 2 digits stand for the shortwall length in the LQ area. E.g 6404 has a 4ft LQ, 7309 has a 9ft LQ and an 8410 has a 10ft LQ.


  • CXF - Exiss Event Gooseneck horse trailer that has Drop Windows on the head side and open air spaces with removable perspex inserts on the butt side.
  • Escape - This is a model of Exiss Trailer that is a very popular Living Quarter Model. They offer a variety of different Living Quarter floor plans are available in 2, 3 and 4 Horse models. They are available in 7ft or 7'6ft high interior heights and are 6'8ft wide internally or 7ft wide internally.
  • STK - Exiss Event Stock Trailer with no dressing room. The perfect choice for moving cattle. horses, quads, mowers or any unhandled stock etc. The numbers that appear after this indicate the FLOOR length of the trailer. Eg. STK20 -Stock trailer, 20ft floor length or STK16 - Stock Trailer, 16ft floor length. These models are 7ft interior height and 7ft interior width.
  • STC - Exiss Stock Combo trailer with dressing room. Perfect for transporting both horses, cattle or unhandled stock of any description. Has a sealed DR to store saddles and equipment and still has somewhere weatherproof to camp for the night. These models are 7ft high and 7ft wide.
  • ST - Straight load trailer
  • SS - Exiss Event trailer with smooth skin usually in white all over but others colours available.
  • CXT - Bumper Pull (Float) Horse trailer that has open air spaces on both head and butt sides.
  • B - Indicates a Bumper Pull type trailer (Float)
  • 200,300,400,500,600 - These numerals appear after a trailer model. They indicate how many horses the trailer can carry. Eg. XT400 (XT model that carries 4 Horses), CXF300 (CXF model that carries 3 horses), CX500 (CX model that carries 5 horses).

                                                          Useful Terms

  • DR - Dressing Room - Carpeted unless other noted.
  • HA - Horse Area
  • SW - The Shortwall of the Dressing Room or Living Area. This is the shortest wall (the side where your entry door is and is measured only along the floor length.) A shortwall measurement does NOT inlcude the Gooseneck area of the trailer.
  • LW - The Long Wall of the Dressing Room or Living Area. This is only the floor length and does NOT included the Gooseneck area of the trailer. It is usually 4ft longer than the shortwall due to the slant wall separating the Horse area form the Living area
  • LQ - Living Quarter
  • RWC - Road Worthy Certificate , Safety Certificate, Pink Slip etc
  • GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (Same as ATM)
  • ATM - Aggregate Trailer Mass. (this is the weight that the trailer can legally carry taking into account the Empty weight of the Trailer and the weight of the Cargo) E.G. Empty or Tare weight 2000kg + 2500kg of Horses / Cargo = 4500kg ATM. Same as GVWR.
  • Tare Weight - Empty Weight of Trailer without Horses
  • Air Spaces - The Air Spaces in a trailer without Drop windows such as is seen in a Stock Trailer or the Butt side of a CXF model
  • Black Water Holding Tank - Holding Tank for use in Trailers fitted with a Toilet
  • Blanket Bar - Designed to store saddle blankets on. Usually in Rear Tack.
  • Butt Bar - Aluminium Butt Bar designed to keep the last horse loaded off the Rear door
  • Bridle Hooks - Plastic Shaped Bridle Rack specially designed by Exiss to eliminate bridles falling off whilst in transit.
  • Brush Tray - Usually in Rear tack (or in Dressing Room in Trailers with no LQ). Great for storing brushes and odds and ends.
  • Bumper Pull -  US lingo for Float (Not a Gooseneck)
  • Butt Side - The side of the trailer where your horses butts would be. Usually the Drivers side.
  • Coupler - The hitch connecting your trailer to your tow vehicle
  • Dressing Room - Area up the front of a Bumper Pull or Gooseneck that is usually carpeted and sealed in trailers with NO LQ fitout.  Dressing Rooms are still suitable to camp in as they have 240V outlets, interior lights and are fully lockable
  • Escape Door / Side Unload Door -
  • Fresh Water Tank - Drinking / Washing water storage. Usually a min. of 150litres
  • Gooseneck - Trailer that hitches into the back of your pick up or on top of your truck tray rather than tows behind such as a float
  • Gravel Guard - Checkerplate that is positioned at the front of Bumper Pull trailers to protect the front of the trailer from stone ships etc
  • Grey Water Holding Tank - Tank positioned underneath trailer in models with an LQ fitout. This is the tank that all washing and shower water drains into.
  • Gusset - A re-inforcement to help with the structural integrity of your trailer.
  • Hay Rack - Roof mounted rack fro the transport / storage of hay, extra water, feed, generator etc
  • Head Side - The side which your horses head is on - generalyl the middle of the road in Australia and the kerb side in the USA
  • I-Beams - The 4in beam that runs cross ways underneath your trailer floor which braces and supports your interlocking extruded aluminium planks running the full length of the trailer. I-beams are spaced at either 10in, 13in or 16in intervals depending on the model trailer.
  • Living Quarters - LQ
  • Load Lights - Halogen 12V lights that are adjustbale at the rear door to help with loading at night
  • Long Wall - The longest wall in your dressing room or LQ measured from the gooseneck drop to the dividing wall between your horses and Dressing room / LQ.
  • Lower Divider Panel - Panel that is attached to a divider that goes all the way to the floor. Available in Rubber or Aluminium, they help to prevent horses from kicking one another, small horses from getting their head unerneath a divider or gear that is being carried from sliding underneath a divider.
  • LQ - Living Quarter
  • Manger - Underhead storage which acts as a manger in which you can feed or water your horse whilst still in trailer.
  • Moniter Panel - This is small panel which enables you to check on your Battery power, Fresh water and Holding tank levels in an LQ model trailer.
  • Non LQ - No LQ fitout. Dressing room only
  • Open both sides - Open slat sides, not fully enclosed with windows. E.g. Stock trailer models have open sides.
  • Open butt side - Open slat sides, not fully enclosed with windows on the side that the horses butt travels on.
  • Open Head side - Open slat sides, not fully enclosed with windows on the side that the horses head travels on.
  • Power Converter - Charges your deep cycle batter system and converts 240V power to 12V power when plugged into mains power
  • Rear Tack - Area located at back of trailer where saddles, bridles and Misc. gear can be stored.
  • Saddle Rack - Rack specifically designed by Exiss for saddles. These saddle racks will accomodate larger saddles with ease and saddles will NOT fall off them whilst in transit.
  • Shoreline - Electrical Lead supplied with LQ trailers
  • Shortwall - The shortest wall in the Living Area or Dressing room area of a trailer. When your dividing wall is on an angle, one wall is shorther than the other. LQ and DR sizes are measured by the shortest wall.
  • Slant Load - Angle Load Trailer where horses stand on an Angle. Horses tend to travel better like this as opposed to travelling straight.
  • Slider - Slide gate positioned in the full swing gates that appear on Stock trailers models to enable the transport / loading / unlaoding of cattle easier. Same as appears on may cattle trucks in Australia.
  • Straight Load - Trailer where horses travel facing directly forward rather than on a slant. Most double floats made in Australia are straight loads.
  • Swing Gate - Centre or Rear gate common on most Exiss Stock trailer models. Takes up the entire width of the trailer. Can have a slide gate built into them.
  • Tail Side - Butt side of trailer. Side where horses butt would travel
  • Walk thru Door - Door leading from Living Area or Dressing Room into Horse Area. This is standard on ALL Australian model Exiss Trailers.