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Exiss 8308 Model Pictured. NOTE: Ramp not shown here but is a standard feature on all Australian models


Exiss 6308 Model Pictured. NOTE: USA model. Australian model has LQ entry door on Kerb side.

                                               LQ Information

Exiss Trailers have one of the best LQ Conversion companies in the USA fitout out their Trailers - Sierra Conversions. Exiss Australia offers several Living Quarter conversions to our Australian customers with all LQ fitouts built to comply with all Australian design rules, regulations and wiring. The fitouts pictured below can be added to any Exiss Gooseneck order with either a 4ft, 5ft, 6ft or 8ft shortwall. Basically any Exiss model trailer you see listed on this website can be customised and fitted with one of the LQs listed below or as seen on the Sierra Inteiors website listed below.  There are numerous colour options to choose from also. The approximate wait time on an Exiss Trailer with a LQ fitout from start to finish is approx 15 -20 weeks. The floor plans & photos shown here are the fitouts that are completed by Exiss / Sierra in the USA. All these fitouts can be placed in most any model Exiss Gooseneck that you see listed on this website or at http://www.exiss.com/

Many Living Quarter Floor plans, Photos and Decor Choices are also available for viewing in greater details at www.sierrainteriors.com.  Nearly all plans can be fitted in Australian model trailers so if you see a floor plan you like on the Sierra website please contact us so we can quote you exactly on it.

                            Floor Plans & Colour Schemes

Many more Floor Plans available - these can also be customised. Below are some of our popular layouts. These are also layouts that appear in trailers we have in stock or on order. 

CLICK on the blue word type to download printable versions of floor plans.

4ft shortwall plans

5ft shortwall plans

6ft shortwall plans

8ft shortwall plans

9ft shortwall plans

  • Option 1. 9ft LQ Floor Plan - Dinette with large seperate bathroom and vanity
  • Option 2. 9ft LQ Floor Plan - Dinette with large seperate bathroom and vanity
  • Option 3. 9ft LQ Floor Plan
  • Option 4. 9'6ft LQ Floor Plan

10ft Shortwall plans

LQ Plans with Slide Outs and / or larger LQs- Various Sizes



Click HERE for Colour Schemes for all the above