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General FAQS

  1. What are the benefits of Aluminium trailers over Steel trailers?

    All aluminium Exiss Trailers have many benefits! Firstly aluminium will NOT rust or corrode and can be left out in all kinds of weather over many years and still look as good as new. It will also never need painting and is virtually maintenance free. The floor is made of extruded aluminium and will not corrode or rot like steel or wood floors do. Aluminium trailers also have a Lower tare weight than steel trailers whilst still retaining their structural integrity and are great to look at !

  2. Will Exiss / Sooner Trailers withstand use on our rugged roads?

    Yes - they sure will. We have been bringing trailers into Australia for well over 5yrs now and have sold over 180x Exiss trailers to many happy customers all over Australia from WA, SA, VIC, NSW, QLD and NT. Many Exiss / Sooner trailers have been used ruggedly for many years out west and have proven to hold up to all kinds of roads and heavy use. If you would like to speak to any Exiss Customers in Australia who have used their trailers for some time on rough roads please contact us for their details. We encourage prospective customers to do their homework as we realise choosing the right trailer is an important decision. We also have a 19yr old trailer on display at all times at our base just north of Brisbane to enable prospective customers to see how well they hold up over time. There is no better proof than to see it with your own eyes!

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Parts & Warranties

  1. How many years warranty will I receive with an Exiss Trailer?

    All Exiss units have a Structural Warranty of 8yrs and a 3yr Limited parts warranty. All Sooner units have a 10yr Structural Warranty and 3yr Limited Parts Warranty. Trailers with an LQ fitout by "Sierra Conversion" have a 12 months warranty on LQ components. Items such as A/C units, TVs, Tyres, Stoves are warrantied by the actual manufacturer of these products however we will help with processing any warranty claims. Structural Warranties are transferrable. The current transfer fee set by Exiss USA is $450 USD for ownership transfers within the alloted Warranty period. Warranty is Free of charge and inclusive for all purchasers who buy a NEW Exiss trailer from an Authorised dealer.

  2. Can I buy spare parts for Exiss Trailers in Australia?

    Yes - we supply a full line of parts for Exiss and other USA model trailers including but not limited to Tie Up Hooks, Trailer ties, Trailer feed bags, Wheels, Tyres, Hubcaps, Dexter Rubber Torsion suspension, Brakes, Hubs, Latches, Drop windows, Lights, Saddle Racks, Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, Cam latches, Aluminium sheeting, Ramps, Exiss logo stickers, Awnings, AC units, Suburban Hot Water heaters, Rug racks, Hay Racks, Side wall extrusions, Dexter axles and brakes etc plus many LQ parts and accessories. If we don't have it we can get it!

  3. Where do I make a claim for any Warranty issues?

    You can make a claim either through Universal Trailer Group (the makers of Exiss / Sooner) or through us - an authorised Exiss Distributor. Should the claim be for a item manufactured by another company such as Tyres, Stoves, AC units, TV, Batteries etc then any Warranty claim is made directly to them.

  4. Where do I get any warranty work done?

    You can have any warranty work done at any REGISTERED Australian Business. You must supply photos of any defective parts / problems to us (Exiss Australia) or  Universal Trailer Group. Your invoice (upon warranty dept. approval) for repairs will then be paid or you will be re-imbursed if you have already paid. Please keep in mind that all warranty claims must be approved by the Warranty Department (USA) . Repairs / replacements will be only be issued due to faulty worksmanship or materials.

  5. Is my Warranty transferrable should I decide to sell my Exiss Trailer ?

    Yes - Your Exiss Trailer warranty is fully transferrable should you sell your trailer within the 8yr or 10yr warranty period (Whichever is applicable for your trailer). The transfer needs to be done through an Authorised Exiss Distributor or through Exiss / Sooner USA and needs to be accompanied by a fee. Please contact us for further details.

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Australian Compliance

  1. Do Exiss trailers comply with Australian standards?

    All Exiss Trailers imported by us (or purchased through us) are custom built to comply with Australian standards and regulations including the correct width, weight and lighting requirements. All trailers sold by us have a Current Safety Certificate, Qld Registration and Gas Compliance plate if applicable. There is nothing you need to worry about - we do it all for you. All prices are quoted are driveaway inclusive of GST with Qld Registration. All paperwork is supplied in order to ensure a smooth transfer into any other Australian State or Territory.

  2. Are our Gas Appliances AGA certified?

    Yes - All our Gas appliances are AGA certified. We use a Glass Top Dometic Stove purchased in Australia which is AGA certified in all our LQ trailers. We also use an AGA certified Suburban Hot Water System as well as supplying each LQ trailer with 2x fully certified / stamped 9kg gas bottles that are full. All our Gas lines are run in Copper as per Australian Requirements and fitted with AGA approved Gas Shut off valves to each appliance. Prior to Registration in Australia all our Trailers must also have a Gas Certificate and Plate fitted which we provide so you can rest assured that your trailer is 100% compliant.

  3. Is the Wiring suitable for 240V?

    Yes - it sure is! All our LQ wiring is done with 240V suitable wire (Multi-strand 2.5) . We also use Clipsal Electrical products from Australia for use in our LQs to ensure everything is fully Australian Compliant. We do not use cheaper unknown brands - ONLY quality Clipsal products. Our A/C units and Fridges are also designed specifically for use with 240V power. We DO NOT use 110V items with a converter as some other US Model Trailers may do as this not compliant with Australian Regulations and can be both dangerous and ineffective over time. Our 240V is run on 3x seperate circuits with Double Pole Circuit Breakers. All our Power Points are Double Pole also.

  4. Are Exiss Trailers the Legal width for use in Australia?

    All Exiss Trailers ordered thru us are custom built to comply with Australian width regulations. Our trailers are built on a 98in axle giving a Maximum Overall width of 98in or just under the legal limit in Australia of 2.5 metres. Most trailers that are built in the USA by Exiss or any other company are usually 102inches wide which is overwidth here in Australia. Thus secondhand Exiss Trailers purchased in the USA will be too wide for importation to Australia. We work closely with the Exiss engineers to ensure that EVERY trailer we import is made to Australian ADR standards regarding width, length and axle placement.

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Order Times & Availability

  1. How long does a custom order trailer order take from start to finish?

    The wait time is approx. 16 to 28 weeks on a custom order from the time your deposit is received to the time your trailer is ready to be picked up (or delivered) in Australia. The time varies as each model trailer can be simpler or more complicated depending on the size and the LQ fitout and current international shipping schedules. We try to keep all customers well informed as to the progress of any trailers they may have on order.

  2. Do you have any trailers in stock ready to purchase or inspect?

    Yes - we always have several  trailers in stock ready for immediate purchase of various descriptions and sizes as well as mnay others that have been pre-sold but are still available for viewing prior to heading to their new homes.

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